Real Estate Investing

Whether you are an experienced real estate investor or just getting your feet wet with your first real estate investment, we can help you identify, evaluate, acquire, dispose or manage/lease all types of real estate investments - from commercial properties to condos, single-family residential properties, duplexes, multi-unit housing properties and vacant lots.

There are a number of residential or commercial real estate investing options with a broad range of opportunities. From rental properties, to renovating and reselling properties, land development and commercial real estate.

Real Estate Investment Types

Income Producing Investments

Rental properties are an excellent choice for first-time investors or experienced investors especially considering the current low housing risk indexes within our areas. These incoming-producing properties offer huge advantages for investors, looking to reallocate cash or diversify a retirement investment portfolio, by creating a substantial asset by someone else paying off your debt, and by recognizing and analyzing six simple key components:

1). Return on investment (ROI) over time
2). Profitability of each property
3). Estimated monthly and annual cash flow
4). Loan principal reduction
5). Appreciation based on historical facts
6). Tax depreciation benefits

Duplexes and multi-housing units may offer additional benefits by either renting all units to maximize rental income, or reduce housing expenses and capital gain tax liabilities, by living in one unit and renting out the remaining space.

*Complimentary financial analysis with any current or future real estate investment. 


If instead of steady, long-term returns, you are looking to buy property, renovate it and sell it at a profit, then you might want to consider focusing on fix-n-flip opportunities. Be aware, success with these types of investments take renovation experience and these type of real estate investments are substantially riskier; but are possible by establishing a plan, properly acquiring the ideal fix-n-flip property and executing your plan with precision. If you are interested, we can help locate properties below market value in neighborhoods with excellent resale potential, and help you analyze risk, profitability and how everything relates to the current market conditions.

Currently, good fix-n-flip opportunities are very rare within the Denver and Boulder market, but they do occasionally appear. Expect to move quickly to secure the best opportunities as they become available.

Vacant Lots

If you are primarily interested in development, vacant lots may be the investment for you. We can help you locate vacant lots offering the best opportunities for development, or lots with existing structures that can be demolished for redevelopment, whether commercial or residential. We will utilize our knowledge of the market to locate the best possible lots and assist you in analyzing current real estate trends in any specific area.

Commercial Real Estate

If retail, industrial or office space investment sparks your interest, our commercial real estate professionals will put their experience and knowledge to work for you, helping you to clearly and quickly identify a course of action that maximizes return for your company or your individual real estate portfolio. Our commercial-only broker specializes in the sales and leasing of office, industrial and retail properties.

Trusted and Experienced Professionals

Regardless of your level of experience, all our real estate investment systems are very simple and we stick to time-tested investment fundamentals that have proven to be very successful. Real estate is very local and all real estate markets are not created equal but current market indicators within our service areas are very positive. As these indicators change, we will advise our clients accordingly. Our extensive resources are reliable and our team is dedicated to delivering the highest quality results.

Real estate investment is not a get-rich-quick scheme, but there are high-quality investment opportunities for those who are disciplined, patient, prepared and willing to take the right approach at the right time.

As Realtors, we are members of the national, state and local associations of Realtors, abiding by the highest standards of real estate practices and ethics. We will never try to sell you a piece of real estate simply for the benefit of earning a commission. Rather, we seek to apply our broad depth of real estate knowledge and experience for the benefit of our clients, building long-term relationships by helping our clients identify the right real estate investments for their specific situation.

Timing and Trends

With real estate investing, preparedness and timing are always critical. We will share market trends and advise you of the best times for investing in real estate as well as the times we suggest waiting on the sidelines to invest. Following the market enables us to advise our clients accordingly; maximizing their investments and reducing their risk over time.

Ready To Get Started?

Click here to view some real estate investment opportunities throughout the greater Denver, Boulder and Ft Collins areas. Periodically, we also have additional investment opportunities that remain unlisted or unadvertised.

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Peter Lynch, one of the greatest stock market gurus and author of Beating the Street, was once asked what he thought was the greatest investment. His answer: "a single-family house." With a real estate investment, you can generate regular income. With most people stock portfolio, you would have to sell your stocks to generate income. Besides this favorable income benefit, and the obvious appreciation benefits, there's tax savings benefits (consult your tax advisor).

Warren Buffett, one of the worlds richest men offers this investment advice: "Only invest in things your understand." Homes are one of the three basics of life: food, shelter, and clothing. Houses and condos are simple investments that most people understand because they already live in one. Ask yourself these questions: Do I own a home? Has it been a good investment over the long-term? What would my net worth be like if I owned ten of them? What would my lifestyle be like if they were all free and clear?