Selling A Home "As-Is"

Selling a home as-is (or not) is a very common dilemma. As a general disclosure, if you have the resources of making repairs versus not making repairs, making the repairs is typically the best approach. Regardless, we understand many sellers do not have the resources, therefore we will provide you all your "as-is" home selling options.

The reason most sellers sell a home as-is is they lack the resources, time, ability, desire and/or motivation to make the necessary repairs and are willing to accept a slight selling discount that correlates with the required repairs and shift the repair burdens to a new buyer. If you are this type of seller, selling as-is the perfect solution as managing repairs, many times, is best left to another person.

As-Is Selling Options:

  • Expose your house to the market "as-is" and find the right buyer that will pay you the highest possible market price. You will not have to make a single repair or complete any improvements, but these details need to be taken into account and the price of you home will need to be adjusted accordingly. As intimidating as this approach may seem, especially considering all the home improvement shows and everyone pushing sellers to put their home in perfect showing condition, this selling approach is very effective although you need to avoid the many pitfalls.
  • Do not put your house on the market and select the highest and best possible offer from us or from one of our many investor clients. We can buy and close in 7 days, 15 days, 30 days or more - whichever timeline suits your needs best. We can also close and rent back the property to you. This approach is the easiest and has the least amount of hassle.

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